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Popular File Extensions

File Extension APK

APK extension is used to deliver and install application software and middleware onto Google Android system. APK file contains compiled Android application code and all resources which are required by this code.

File Extension EXE

EXE is a file format of windows executable file. All executable files in Windows operating system are store in EXE format. Be careful when running EXE files receivied from unverified source since they can contain viruses

File Extension CRDOWNLOAD

File Extension CRDOWNLOAD is used by Google Chrome to temporarily store downloaded file information when file is being downloaded. Usually information in CRDOWNLOAD file is incomplete until file is downloaded.

File Extension JNLP

JNLP is short for Java Network Launching Protocol. This format is used by Java to download and launch applications over the network. JNLP applications typically don't run from user internet browser.

File Extension JSON

File Extension JSON is a JSON data file. It is used to store structured information in javascript JSON format. For more information about JSON data format refer to javascript JSON spec.

SYS File Extension

In MS-DOS and DOS-based operating systems, these files can be used as configuration files for the operating system. The MSDOS.SYS and CONFIG.SYS files contain various configuration options. SYS files are also could be used as device drivers

File Extension JSP

JSP extensión de archivo se utiliza para almacenar los archivos de libros electrónicos. EPUB es un formato de libro electrónico definido por el International Digital Publishing Forum.

File Extension ICA

ICA stands for Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File or (much less likely) Identity Compass Answers File. ICA files are usually just text based configuration files which could be viewed with notepad.

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